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the thing that happens ....

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

... when the sun shines, the weather warms, things start turning green. All indicators making me know that spring is on the way: I am some how compelled to take the 'garden shop route' when I need to run into Walmart. Normally I can just dash in and out, grab what I want, and run through the self-check out line, get out the door with that one thing and on my way. But when those colorful bloomers begin to make their appearance in the garden shop, I am suckered into the detour, have lust for things I did not mean to purchase.

It happened about a week ago, causing me to come out the door with at least forty dollars worth of little bags of plant starts I did not intend to purchase. Several peonies, bags of astilbe in colors I have never seen before, and a really pretty purple iris. Most were given away, relieving me of the responsibility of planting and caring for them. There was a time when I would plant things and say: 'OK. I've done my part, now the rest is up to you.' But lately, after investing cash to get the plants home, plus time to put them in a location where I hope they will be happy, with good nutritious soil, I feel the weighty obligation to nurture, water, fertilize, tend.

In a burst of energy, when I got home from eight hours of on-my-feet yesterday, I dug some holes and got the pink, purple, and red astilbe planted. This occurred because I went to Wallyworld again. Thinking I could run in, make my selection, dash through the self-check out line and be on my way. Foolishly thinking I would make a quick trip: failing to consider it was Saturday afternoon, and every redneck from six counties would be there shopping.

Sadly, I was lured into the garden shop, where I was once again lured into making a purchase: bought asparagus starts, which I came home and planted. Out along the property line, next to the asparagus starts from two years ago, that are already industriously making asparagus. The last time I saw some spears that had unexpectedly appeared out there along the fence, I cut them and ate them right there, on the spot: no washing, no cooking, no cleaning, just chomping on freshly harvested asparagus. Yum!

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