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book reveiw: "The Pleasure of My Company"...

Sunday, June 24, 2018
... written by the well known entertainer Steve Martin. Found as a set of four Cd's at the library and enjoyed while driving to SC and back. A delightful story, wry and off-center as you would expect from a comedian who has the knack of looking at life from an odd-ball vantage point.

The main character, Daniel, is unemployed, living in a small apartment in Santa Monica, spends his days dreaming up encounters with people he sees in his neighborhood but cannot overcome various bizarre habits in order to actually meet and converse with others. His life is so filled with idiosyncrasies he cannot function. There is a specific number of wattage that light bulbs in his home must total: if one blows out, others must be adjusted to regain that precarious balance. He has a big problem with stepping off curbs in order to navigate the neighborhood, and walks blocks out of his way to get to places where there are handicap/curb cus. He had a crush on a real estate agent, attempts to manufacture a 'chance' meeting. He has a crush on the Pharmacist at Rite-Aid, manufacturing reasons to shop at the drug store to gaze upon the object of his affection.

If  you find Martin's brand of comedy amusing, you will be entertained by the short book. The Cd's are read by the author - making it easy to picture his sitting in his darkened apartment attempting to figure out ways he can capture the attention of the real estate agent showing apartments across the street. If you do not think movies like 'Roxanne' with Darryl Hannah and 'The Jerk' hilarious, you need to find something else to read.

"The next morning I decided to touch every corner of every copy machine at Kinkos", but he has such a problem with the inability to step off curbs he has to walk miles out of his way to get to the copy store. Hopelessy neurotic....

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