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update on unreliable knee...

Saturday, December 24, 2016
... the one that in recent years has developed a propensity for not being dependable. Left leg, which is likely the reason I have been wearing the velcro boot on right foot for the past two months, and possibly indefinitely. I went to the foot Dr. several weeks ago, having set appts. at two week intervals, for them to bill insurance for more x-rays and say: come back in two weeks. At my last office visit, he actually said 'you don't need to come back, but you should continue to wear the boot until it does not hurt any more'. Which I later concluded will probably be the rest of my life.

I sort of felt like the foot problem was a resolved as it was going to get, so made an appt. to go back to the knee doctor, due to thinking the aggravating knee is likely the origin of the disability that created the foot problem. You know: like the song explains where 'the knee bone is connected to the leg bone, and the leg bone is connected to the foot bone, etc., etc.,' The knee man wanted me to get a the procedure done where they take lots of photos of the insides, while you are freaking out being enclosed in a narrow tunnel/machine. I said: "Oh, no. That won't do at all."

And was sent to a  'open MRI' that was only slightly less freak-out than the one that makes you feel you are being buried alive. Another office visit revealed even more misery than I knew about. Meaning I am entitled to feel much worse than I actually do. My favorite knee doctor said I will eventually need to get a replacement. But there are things to be done to forestall the inevitable. Like an injection of some synthetic goo that replaces the cartilage that is non-existent. And a knee brace that alters the torque so there is less pressure on the part of the joint that has no cushioning, where bones are rubbing together.

I am still wearing the boot, thumping along, sounding like a pirate clumping across the deck of the schooner. And waiting for the people with the knee brace to call to tell  me it is ready to put on. Knee man said I could expect to get a lot of sympathy when I put on that brace with the metal joint. But it is more likely I will just get really tired of answering the 'what happened? ' question....

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