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more often than not...

Saturday, December 10, 2016
...on the days I am scheduled to work, I am required to appear at 6:00 a.m. Meaning I set the alarm for 5, and lay there wide-eyed fully awake, waiting for the buzzer go off, then hit snooze. (Among the many reasons I quote my dad's mantra about 'old age is not for sissies', sleeping poorly is among the top most; along with body parts going bad.) So I got up this morning, dragging, put on several layers of clothing in self defense. Made my little bowl of oatmeal and staggered off to work.

Only to discover when I was about half-way there, I had not put on the uglygreenshirt that is required as part of the uniform. I'd put on so many other shirts, then a fleece vest, I did not even notice being under-dressed. Had to call the man who never has to get up and dash out the door to bring my uglygreenshirt when he left the house for the day.

It has been a really rough day. I have been tired, feeling like I am walking underwater, moving in slo-mo since getting vertical at 5: 09. Just exhausted, and not knowing what the problem was. I did a little self-evaluation around 11:00 (when I was supposed to be leaving the work place, but not finished with tasks, so actually left about 1:30). Thinking: man! I am really weary, and seriously hope I am not coming down with a bug? That flu shot I got the end of November has been circulating around in my system long enough to be diluted, and should not be a problem. So why do I feel so crappy?

The 'aha' moment occurred when I was finally done, and walking out to the parking lot. I suddenly remembered I gave blood at the Red Cross Donor Center Friday afternoon. So I am a pint low, making me both dehydrated and seriously depleted of red blood cells, short on hemoglobin/iron. I need to go get an iron tab/supplement and wash it down with a big gulp of water. That, and a Wendy-burger with some red meat should do the trick!

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