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Wednesday, December 7, 2016
...my dad's sister, who would be celebrating a birthday today. I cannot say how old she would be if she were still here to enjoy the cake and ice cream, but I know she would find delight in the party and a house filled with well-wishers if she could. I actually 'visited' with her today, when I went to the cemetery to put out holiday flowers on family graves. I had lots of bright red silk poinsettia blooms, and some holiday greens to fill up the urns, so left the family plot with colorful Christmas decorations.

I have a story about my dad related to December 7, 1941. I don't think 'celebrate' is the right word as our nations looks back seventy five years to the day the nation of Japan attacked the US Navy Pacific Fleet in Hawaii. My dad told about hearing of the attack when he was driving from Valdosta, where he was working north of town at the Air Force base, headed home. He was apparently listening to the car radio, and heard the report. He said he immediately turned the car around, and went back to his work site. Where he spoke to the supervisor to say he knew he would be called up for active duty soon.

I do not know how quickly he got orders to report, but do know that when he had from college, the previous spring, he was commissioned as a second lieutenant. So he knew that if the US became embroiled in the war that was going on in Europe, he would be a part of it. He served in Europe, after training in the US, and spent much of the time in southern France. Fortunately for my generation, by the time he was sent to ETO, much of the fighting was over.

Actually learning from him about the Sunday drive and hearing him tell that he went right back to the base to talk with his boss is pretty much all I ever learned from him about his service in WWII.

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