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update on the auntie...

Thursday, December 8, 2016
... who apparently still thinks I have been sneaking in her house and taking her stuff. It is completely baffling as to why she would want to shove all the blame for her problems on me, but she seems to think that I am responsible for her misfortune. I have had calls from the Georgia department of human resources, Adult Protective Services from a Social worker questioning me about what is going on. I have had calls from Public safety cautioning me to keep my distance and stay away from her as she was worried/fearful I was planning to come for a visit.

She has called cousins to ask them to contact me to let me know I should not come to see her. She seems to think I am the person who called the car dealership to have her car towed for service. As well as the person who took her keys to prevent her from driving, since I am also the person who was able to persuade the State to revoke her drivers license. All this would be distressing but for the fact that I know she is not thinking, cannot think clearly or remember anything anyone tells her, and will continue to decline in mental abilities. So I will just be sad and sorry for her as she slowly gets lost to her self, while denying that she is the source of all the difficulties.

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