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not gift shopping...

Friday, December 23, 2016
...as it is mostly a 'non-fun' thing to do. Not sure how the Joy escaped from the idea of making purchases to give away, but it seems like I have not done any of the crazy chasing around and madly spending for things to wrap, give to others. I'm not wanting to wear the mantle of 'Scrooge', and do think I have at least a small measure of holiday spirit. But pretty sure I have not been/will not be caught up in the chasing around/frantically buying part of the season.

It seems I avoid shopping. Not with forethought, but just do not go places that would present me with the blatant indicators to separate me from my dough. Even though I am at Sam's Club once a week with a list of needs for church staff, I rarely make any purchase that is not something I deliver to the church. I don't go to the mall, in wallyworld only when necessary, and rarely in a store that would tempt me to buy, buy, buy. Ultimately, it's mostly because I don't want more 'stuff' in my life.

I'll be giving gift cards for Christmas. (If you are one of the fortunates who receive birthday greetings, you likely get a gift card for Burger King, Chic-fil-A or Taco Bell.) I found myself laughing yesterday afternoon when I tried to resupply my stock of gift cards for the drive-through, fast food establishment Sonic. There is one located in the perimeter of the parking lot at my workplace, so a quick easy stop for easily mail-able gifts to insert in birthday cards. They have been 'out' for weeks. Every time I go by, hoping to get more cards, they tell me to come back next week. So: that is trip #1 through the drive-thru lane.

I went up to the north side of town, where there is a bedlam, chaotic shopping strip mall. Thousands of parking slots, dozens of stores, movie multi-plex, eateries. And another Sonic. I had to laugh at myself as I made the third loop around the building. Once to try to discern where the little kiosk is where they say 'welcome to Sonic, can I take your order?', again to get in the line for inching up to the that kiosk, then a third time when I decided I would get out of that long, tedious, not moving row of vehicles and just ask. Count 'em: circling the parking lot three times. Plus the one time around the other store...

So I parked, approached a worker and said: 'Do you have gift cards? Which I thought was a legitimate necessary question, as I have asked it half-a-dozen times at the close-to- work Sonic. I bought two, which I have already given away, put in holiday greeting cards and given to fellow employees. Wishing I had gotten more, as Sonic has a really interesting breakfast menu, and seems to be open about 25 hours a day - right up there with Waffle House.

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