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there was some good...

Tuesday, July 17, 2018
... news I came in the door from running errands yesterday.  I did not make much headway with my list, but will give it another shot today. I am delighted to report that the first thing I expect to accomplish this morning will be to get all that wedding stuff delivered and out of my life. It has been hanging over my head for a  month or more, a couple of bags with assorted and miscellaneous silk flowers belonging to the friend who is directing the event in August. We will meet at 9:00, so I can give her all the stuff she requested for bridal party, plus all those left-over silk flowers she can use for decorating the venue.

The good news occurred when I came in the door late on Monday. The Man Who Lives Here was in his usual position, sitting in front of the TV.  He never gets up, will shout a greeting, but does not seem interested in arising to relocate, expecting me to appear before him for conversation. Often I will have my hands full when I arrive, having been shopping or grocery buying, and walking in with a load of goods or food. He will continue to call out, from his perch in the recliner (that is motorized, so there is no actual effort required to stand up!), expecting me to attend/appear before him in order to listen.

He wanted to report a phone call he made that resulted in an unexpected windfall. Many years ago, when he first relocated to middle Georgia, he immediately petitioned to become a member of the exclusive golf club on the north side of town. The Man has continued to be enrolled, though inactive as he has not participated for years. He asked to be relieved of his membership when no longer enjoying any of the benefits: not golfing, kids grown and not using facilities, no interest in socializing with the upper crust.

The business would not refund his entry fee/deposit until they could sell that membership to another prospect. Holding on to his funds, claiming that they had to find a 'buyer' before the money could be returned to him. Just out of the blue, he called the Club yesterday and was told: "We've been looking for you!" My response: "Oh, baloney!" He has been sitting right there, in that same spot for over thirty five years. He has most definitely not moved any where for them to be thinking he had been misplaced. Admittedly, the phone number listed on his original application is obsolete: who has land lines any more? But the address has been the same for so long, he might have taken root in that spot in our living room.

The check will be in the mail tomorrow, according to the conversation he had with the accounting people on Monday. Which means it must be time to start planning another excursion to Biloxi, right? Hopefully he will be willing to share the manna that practically fell out of the sky, before driving five hours to leave it all in Mississippi. I believe I will be a much better 'husband' of the funds than the guy with a wee bit of gambling addiction.

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