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another not-flu story...

Friday, November 16, 2018
... about the effort I put forth to get immunized unsuccessfully. I know I need to get it done, but tend to put it off as long as possible, due to thinking that there is no point in doing it early. My understanding about how the (killed?) virus that is injected in your person provides a measure of protection is that it does not last forever. If it did, why would you need to have it done each year? If it could provide a long term defense, like tetanus or those MMR pediatricians want to give small children, you would not see advertising on all the signs at pharmacies saying 'it's time for flu shots', right?

The experts in communicable diseases report that the highest likelihood of being exposed, getting infected is late in the winter, after the start of the new year. Which causes me to put off getting the injection as  long as possible, often to the point that it is  no longer available. This actually happened one year, when I postponed, hoping that waiting would provide the protection into the following year, when the bug is more prevalent, and exposure to germs greater. I waited and waited and waited, thinking I would get maximum defense, when in reality I waited too late. Went to inquire about getting immunized, only to hear: 'we out'. Missed that window of opportunity, but fortunately was not exposed, to be in bed for days plagued by misery of flu symptoms.

My employer offers flu shots. Available to all customers who come in to the pharmacy,make the request, fill out a short form and get poked. Plus they advertise you will receive a ten dollar gift card just for having it done. Most insurance will cover the cost of the immunization, as more companies begin to appreciate the importance of being well, those 'wellness checks', being proactive to keep people healthy. I wanted a flu shot, wanted that ten dollar gift card to buy groceries, but did  not want them to know all my business. Which meant I would have to go to a different store from the one where I work to get immunization.

I went to a store to ask for  flu shot. Did the paperwork, a short precautionary form to warn you of dangers/risk, then waited for my turn. The staff in the pharmacy said they could  not process my information, their computer was down.  Well.... OK then.

Plan B: I will go to the county health department, where I have been over the years to get various immunizations: tetanus, flu, pneumonia. It is so difficult to get to the area of that large three story building where they give shots, you need to pack a lunch. But I had time and wanted to get it done. Got to the window with my insurance card in hand. Where I was told they close early one day a month for training. Lucky me - I chose that day. Did I go on the absolutely wrong day for the entire month of November? Yes. Arrrggghhhh.

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